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  • Пенка
    I bought Parazitol for his grandmother, as he had the suspicion of infection by parasites. After the consumption of the drug grandmother he felt good, he says, as new. The symptoms of parasites have completely disappeared in approximately two weeks after the start of the intake of the capsules, but the use of the application is to be felt from the very beginning.
  • Йорданка
    The first time I bought Parazitol on the advice of his friend. She is obsessed by the cleanliness and natural food, say that these capsules are the best. I also liked them, the color of the face and the skin condition is improved, but still, and vitality is increased. I started to look good. I did not have parasites, but the toxins and the harmful substances exactly by me are released.
  • Виолета
    I worry for the health of her family, Parazitol I buy for prevention. We drink all together - I, my daughter and my husband. The tool is good, the price is low, but even with the discount. For me Parazitol in the first place, for safety and for the saturation of the body of vitamins. The composition of tools of good quality, completely natural. You can take it without worries.
  • Георги
    As the capsules Parazitol I am absolutely sure! Once healed me by the worms, and I tried several tools to him, but nothing worked. Now only Parazitol! I buy the capsules in reserve, when will the new discount. The shelf life is good, I'll keep it in the refrigerator.
  • Мария
    I apply only herbal pills. I know how much strength and herbal, and no chemical agent able to replace the gifts of nature. Not capsules Parazitol perfect composition, well balanced. They allow you to literally all of the parasites. I drink Parazitol 1-2 times a year, the result are more than satisfied. I know that the parasites do not, I fear.
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