Parasites in the human body: symptoms and treatment

Worms are common in modern society. Parasites quickly enter the body, you only need to pay attention to hand hygiene or eat improperly processed food once. Therefore, almost everyone has faced the problem of internal parasites at least once in their lives.

Variation of parasites entering the body

For various reasons, parasites appear in the body.

The most common ways for protozoa to enter the human body are as follows:

  1. By land or water. . . Protozoa live in sand, soil or infected water. They can quickly enter the human body through unwashed food or lack of normal hand hygiene. This is the most common way of contracting helminthiasis and usually affects young children.
  2. contact directly. . . Certain types of worms can be spread through direct contact between humans and helminth patients. The usual handshake sometimes causes parasites to appear in the body. Direct contact can cause pets to spread worms. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the health of the little brother.
  3. Edible animal products. . . These include meat and fish. If these foods are not properly processed or processed, the worms in them will quickly enter the human body. The consumption of raw meat and fish may also be responsible for the increase in helminthiasis from intestinal infections, which significantly complicates the situation.
  4. Insect bites-This type of infection is not common today. But there is the possibility of spreading worm invasion in this way.

Signs of internal parasites

Parasites in the body

The signs of human parasites may be obvious or subtle. The obvious signs help to identify the problem in the initial stage and quickly think about its competent solution.

If such symptoms occur, you need to consult a doctor urgently and perform a diagnostic test to determine the type of worm that has entered the body. Depending on the type of protozoan, the doctor will prescribe medicine to solve the problem.

Invasion of worms may lead to a worsening of diseases that previously did not bother patients. As a result, a person starts to treat other diseases, which will not bring results. This is the hidden process of worm disease.

Abdominal pain and nausea, parasites in the body

There are many examples of latent disease course, but the most common is that worms can cause symptoms of this type of disease:

  1. Common infectious diseases. They are the result of a weakened immune system, as the parasite draws nutrients from the patient and releases toxins. As a result, the body has difficulty coping with infections, chronic diseases will worsen, and inflammatory diseases will develop. In order to make a correct diagnosis, it is very important to conduct a comprehensive examination, including a worm examination. Otherwise, any treatment that does not provide for the removal of protozoa from the body will not bring the expected results.
  2. General malaise in the context of severe poisoning. This is caused by a strong infection of worms, which can poison the body. The health condition has deteriorated significantly, and the patient suffers from migraine, weakness, nausea and vomiting. In this case, many people become irritable and indifferent.
  3. Allergy or skin pathology. These manifestations occur because the body treats worm waste as an allergen. It can be a rash, itching, or a severe rash.
  4. Hair and nails become brittle and dry, nails begin to fall off, and the skin on the heels cracks. This is also the result of body poisoning and lack of nutrients consumed by worms.
  5. Gastrointestinal problems. The infection may be severe, or it may be mild nausea and morning sickness. In any case, the emergence of such diseases & #8212 is the reason to consult a doctor.

Human parasites: the most common organ of worms

After the protozoa enters the human body, it locates somewhere.

Symptoms of helminthiasis depend on the type of parasite

For each type of worm, certain symptoms are distinguished, and doctors can make diagnostic recommendations on this basis.

It is necessary to check the diagnosis through tests and other types of examinations so that you can determine whether one or another type of worm is present in your body.

Parasite infection route

Treatment of parasites in the human body

Although pharmacies have a variety of anthelmintics that can be sold without a prescription, as this type of disease develops, self-administration is not recommended. In order to eliminate the problem quickly and effectively, it is necessary to understand which protozoa entered the human body and caused the problem.

Modern doctors use about 10 drugs in practice to fight worms. However, specific medications will be prescribed after passing all the tests. In fact, certain types of drugs only work on adults, while other types of drugs cause the death of worm larvae.

Infection with worms causes a lot of trouble for children and adults. And, although the disease can be treated quickly and easily in most cases, preventing helminthiasis is better than curing it later. In order to prevent problems before they happen, prevent the invasion of worms from time to time, pay attention to hygiene, and refrain from eating food of questionable quality. Simple rules will help you never know the problem called worm disease.